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WDSF Asian World DanceSport Festival in Osaka

2020.07.05(sun) Senri-Hankyu Hotel

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Asian DanceSport Festival 2020

This is the 2nd WDSF International Open Competiton in Osaka.

We would like many competitors to join our anniversary competition.

Date: 2020.07.05(sun)

WDSF-PD Open Standard
WDSF-PD Open Latin

JDSF-PD Open Standard
JSFD-PD Open Latin
JDSF Class-A Standard
JDSF Class-B Standard

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Competiton Venue(試合会場)

The Senri-Hankyu Hotel

This hotel is the good place to arrive frome Kansai International Airport. The Limousine bus goes direct to the venue only in 1h15m.
And 40min by train from Namba area, 15min by train from Esaka area without transfer. From Osaka Itami airport, you can go to the hotel by mono-rail only in 10min. The address of it is, 2-1 Sinsenri Higasimachi Toyonaka-city Osaka Japan.(大阪府豊中市新千里東町2丁目1番)

Entry(for only foreign couples)海外選手専用エントリー

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Comming soon.....


Comming soon...

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